Des Sources Wind Project

Located in the municipalities of Danville, Saint-Georges-de-Windsor and Wotton, Quebec.

The Des Sources Wind Project is developed by BluEarth Renewables, a Canadian renewable energy producer. This project is situated in the Des Sources regional county municipality. With a planned capacity of 150 MW, it aims for 50% community ownership, reflecting our commitment to engage closely with local communities.

Energy produced is intended for use in Québec and would provide enough clean, renewable energy for over 27,000 homes annually.




Up to 150 MW

Project Location:

The study zone is located on private land in the municipalities of Danville, Saint-Georges-de-Windsor and Wotton, Quebec.

Developed by:

Who We Are

Founded in Calgary in 2010, BluEarth Renewables is a leading independent power producer that acquires, develops, builds, owns and operates wind, hydro, solar and storage facilities across North America.

Our portfolio is well diversified across technologies and geographies and includes over 1 GWAC (gross) in operation, under construction and contracted pre-construction, and over 7 GW of high-quality development projects that are actively being advanced. To learn more about our approach, please click here.

Our Key Consultants:

We are mindful of the unique Québec context and partner with local firms to support and guide us during the project development phase. They will work actively with us in the community throughout the process.

Since the beginning of the development phase of the Des Sources project, we have been assisted by Montréal-based firm Plan A Capital. Established in 2014, Plan A provides support to numerous clients in the renewable energy sector and has co-developed the Dune-du-Nord wind park as well as initiated the Grosse-Île, both located in Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

Project Development

With decades of experience, we have a team of internal experts to take projects from conception and make them a reality. Our team works in close consultation with government agencies and key stakeholders to site, build and operate our facilities responsibly.

Development work began on this Project in 2023. Since then, we have been actively advancing development activities and stakeholder engagement. The project is in the pre-feasibility and consultation phase of development and will be proposed to Hydro-Québec, as part of its next call for tenders to acquire electricity produced from a wind source. The project will help meet the growing demand for electricity and contribute to Québec’s energy transition. 

Environmental Considerations

BluEarth prioritizes environmental protection. We will complete extensive environmental studies within the Project area to understand the existing environmental conditions and inform the design of the Project, as well as the mitigation measures that will be used to minimize and/or avoid impacts to environmental features during the construction, operation, and decommissioning of the Project.

All development phases of the project will comply with the regulations and guidelines set by Québec’s governmental and regulatory bodies, as well as adhere to the standards of Hydro-Québec and the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ), ensuring a balanced approach that respects both ecological integrity and community well-being.

Project Infrastructure

The project entails the installation and construction of wind turbines, a substation, electricity collection networks, and roads. It aims to interconnect with Hydro-Québec’s transmission network at a voltage of 230 kV. Project construction will also include road improvements, the construction of roads, and geotechnical studies, followed by the construction of foundations, electricity collection systems, and the installation of wind generators.

  • Siting of turbines will comply with local bylaws (at least 500 m from houses and 2 km from villages and cities) and positioning of infrastructure will be done in conjunction with landowners and the CPTAQ.
  • Land footprint used for each turbine is around 1 ha during construction and around 0.02 ha during operations. More than 95% of the area around the wind turbine returned to cultivation.
  • Construction could begin in 2027 or later, with commercial operation of the project no earlier than 2028.

Public Open Houses

Our last open house took place in August 2023. We will be hosting another open house event in 2024 to allow the community to learn more about the Des Sources Wind Project and to provide their feedback. Email us at to sign up to our newsletter to get the latest updates on the Des Sources project and information about Open Houses.

Local Community Benefits

For each of our projects, we are committed to giving back to the communities where we operate. During the development of all BluEarth projects, we establish a fund to ensure that these communities directly benefit from the proposed project. Wind energy projects, such as the Des Sources Project, have the potential to generate significant economic and social benefits in a variety of ways.

  • Municipalities:
    • Guaranteed income of $6,227 per MW installed payment which equates to over $930,000 yearly for 30 years on a 150 MW project. The payment is indexed throughout the lifetime of the contract.
  • Community partner:
    • Equal share in profits from the wind project.
  • Job creation for the region and skill development opportunities for workers:
    • The construction phase creates local jobs, needing 160-190 workers, while the operational phase offers 6-10 stable, well-paid permanent positions for wind farm maintenance and operation.
  • Collaboration with local businesses:
    • We commit to enhancing the local economy by partnering with regional businesses for services such as construction, legal support, and temporary accommodations, among others
  • Social and educational committement:
    • We reinvest profits into the community by supporting local projects and initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to community development. For details on our community involvement and supported projects, click here (in English only).
    • We also provide educational programs to promote understanding of renewable energy and through the BluEarth Scholarship Program, we award 3-8 scholarship annually to post secondary students, with a preference towards students in the communities where we operate.
  • Finally, local production of renewable energy directly contributes to Québec’s decarbonization goals, as well as to achieving greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets.

News and Updates

Our brand-new office has officially opened its doors at 263, 1st Avenue, right in the vibrant heart of Val-des-Sources. This marks a significant milestone for us as we plant our roots firmly within your community, ready to grow and thrive together.

Contact Us

We are committed to the sustainable development of the Des Sources Wind Project in Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, Wotton, and Danville. Our approach is deeply rooted in respecting and understanding community needs and concerns. As we develop this project, your insights are crucial for guiding our plans and contributing to the local community’s growth.

We value your feedback and assure you of the confidentiality of your personal information. Regular updates on community input and its impact on the project will be communicated through our website and various communication channels.

For inquiries, contact us at or 819-866-0056.


BluEarth Renewables and Plan A Capital wish to develop this project in consultation with citizens. We hosted two evenings of public consultations for stakeholders to learn more about the proposed project on August 29 and August 30. Materials from these meetings can be found below.

Open House Ad (August 2023) Building a Wind Facility Fact Sheet Information Boards (August 2023)

An update on the Des Sources Wind Project can be found here: English and French.